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Tampilan Utama Aplikasi


1. Multi Company, Division, Currency, Skin
2. Cashier Module is completed with advance payment and deposit facilities
3. Check/Giro management for all transaction Bank
4. Value Added Tax (VAT) is automatically calculated by system
5. Buying and selling Rate Management
6. Provided with Budgeting & Forecasting Modules as Finance Control for each JOB ORDER
7. Provided with the estimate and actual of AR, AP, Cash Advance and Guarantee Collection
8. Can be implemented for business : CONTRACTOR, DEVELOPER, BORONGAN, etc
9. Journal facilities are automatic for each Invoice although Payment Request
10. The Different Rate is automatically well-developed  by systems so the Ledger ( GL ) is still informative and balanced
11. Finance Reports as LR, GL Trial Balance & Balance Sheet will be described in detail and level